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Posted By: gnu
03-Jul-13 - 06:15 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
A... I merely interpreted your PM to read Canuck Bucks are fine and made a... tried to make a joke of it. No problem for me to get USD. It's on my 20130703 list already. Matter of fact, I just took a Yankee $50 out of the mattress as I see the buy/sell is 1.0825/1.025 this AM. I'll simply get the 50 changed at my Credit Onion.

Speaking of high finance. Sobeys (grocery chain) recently had a four day offer. A $200 purchase of gift cards eared 95 Air Miles which is worth $10. That's 5% immediately and more if you spend it within one year. The bank offers a 0.2% annual rate on an account with few fees for normal services. There was no limit on the amount of gift cards one could purchase. You should have see the look on the cashiers face when I told her how many $200 cards I wanted. The front end manager was called as the cashier could not action a purchase over $1000. The manager had to call the store manager who took me and the front end manager to an unused checkout becasue the entire transaction was gonna "take a while". Visa was involved in payment... nobody carries that kinda cash around except for some monkey that needs to do so to impress girl monkeys.