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Posted By: Noreen
04-Jul-13 - 05:18 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Sea Around Us (Dominic Behan)
Subject: Lyr Add: DOLLYMOUNT STRAND (Shay Healy)
Thanks for this, Manfred- not thought of heard this for many's the year.

What did spring to mind is a 'version' of it which I can hear being sung by the Dubliners- Google tells me it was recorded by Paddy Reilly, written by Shay Healy:


On Dollymount Strand on a cold Winter's night
I put on the handbrake and switched out the light.
I looked at me bird and says I "Are you right?"
Meself and the Architect's daughter...

But the sea, oh the sea, it crept up on me,
And the water was rising up quite rapidly.
Says I to the mot "Get your hand off me knee
Can't you see we're surrounded by water?"

I turned on the ignition and put it in gear:
Could I get it moving? Not so, that I fear,
Not if I was there for the next bloody year.
There was sand in the old carburettor...

With water the car was so filled to the brim,
I said to the mot there "The chances are slim
So let's get them off, sure we'll both have to swim!"
So I leapt out the window and started...

So if ever you go down to Dollymount Strand
Make sure that the tide's out and everything's grand,
For a bird in the bush is worth two in the sand
Regardless of what you are after!...