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08-Jul-13 - 08:18 PM
Thread Name: Tech: USB recorders
Subject: RE: Tech: USB recorders
One more thing to and women hear sound differently!!!!!
Women usually prefer more bass, and men more treble..the reason?...Their inner ears are different to pick up frequencies to each other. You will notice, that sometimes a woman will say, "Eww, that's to LOUD!'...Maybe it isn't..turn the treble down, and they will perceive it as lowering the, conversely, will want more clarity, so they crank UP the treble....lower the mid and bass, instead...and guess what?...They can hear it better!!

OK..I had that on my mind, after I left the computer, to go to town. The 'crooked seagull', that I tried to show you, WILL find that happy medium...AND one thing I strive to do, is ANYTHING you record in a studio, as polished as it may get, be able to reproduce perfectly 'Live'!!!!!!
....and a little side note..the 'crooked seagull' SHOULD allow you to play louder, live, and not feedback as easy!

Anything else I can help you with??