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Posted By: Cuilionn
19-Aug-98 - 03:40 PM
Thread Name: Parting songs
Dinnae ken how this wuid wairk for endin' a set, but our ceilidhs tend tae close wi' th' Scots Gaelic song, "Chi Mi Na Morbheanna." ("I will see the great mountains.") We've had guid success teachin' th' chorus tae th' crood, an' it's a song aboot luikin' for'ard tae guid times an' guid friends meetin' agin, sae it's maist appropriate. Anither guid closin' tune for folk whae ken oor appreciate th' Gaelic wuid be "Soraidh Leibh 's Oidhche Mhath Leibh," which translates roughly tae mean "Blessings gae wi' ye, and a guid nicht." I'm thinkin' they use that back on th' Auld Sod an' up in Cape Breton as weel. It's richt excitin' tae get a crood singin' alang wi' a Gaelic chorus, as it build a bridge atween them an' th' tradition an' build a bit o' hope for th' future. I tell ye, Celtic musicians wuid be daein' th' wairld a sairvice tae kindle interest an' hope in' sic a way.

An beannacht ort,