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Posted By: Mrrzy
08-Dec-00 - 10:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: Extremely silly thing to do
Subject: RE: BS: Extremely silly thing to do
Ah yes, in Africa we used to say it wasn't really hot unless it burned twice. I remember as a teenager experimenting with BenGay (oooooh ow), and once visiting friends of a different race, I tried some hair goop that must be made for removing kinks from certain ethnic hair types - smelled wonderful but covered me with what felt for all the world like axle grease. I was in there for HOURS it seemed, soap did not remove it, it was awful. Still don't know what it was.... and once at the office somebody who thought I couldn't possibly like my food hotter than he did tried my Insanity Sauce (great stuff if you like eating lava) and was found later, literally weeping in the Men's room, in so much pain that he couldn't get back to work but too ashamed to run out to the machines and get some milk! That became the company joke and I was not allowed to bring hot sauces to lunch meetings any more.

Helpful hint - MILK is the antidote to capsiacins, the chemicals in hot stuff. Dairy is OK - yogurt and such - but milk is best.