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Posted By: Thomas Stern
14-Jul-13 - 05:18 PM
Thread Name: Potential Document Records bootlegs?
Subject: RE: Potential Document Records bootlegs?
I received the e-mail copied below last year in response to a query
regarding CD-R rather than pressed CD's of Document releases.
Given the brevity, one wonders what Document is actually
doing - perhaps they have licensed certain retailers to create
cd-r copies rather than supplying pressed cd's.
I do not like cd-r, since my experience is that they deteriorate
and become unplayable over time. They can NOT be used in inhospitable environments - e.g. automibile in summer.
Amazon seems to indicate which products are cd-r, but their 3rd party sellers don't. Many other retail sources, e-bay etc. do NOT. I think it should be required as part of truth in labeling.

Document was never noted for high quality transfers. Their strength was in providing complete chronological transfers of almost all pre-war blues recordings. Tracks which were unavailable or unknown, but were later found were issued in their "TOO LATE" compilations.
IIRC, the new owners of Document were going to re-edit their
discs to insert the previously missing tracks. I don't think that
actually happened. ????

Yazoo did a much better job on sound quality, but usually offered only limited compilations rather than everything.

The REVENANT patton box is aimed at obsessive collectors - not for
someone who simply wants a representative collection of Patton, or even his complete or nearly complete recordings which have been issued by Document, P-vine, Yazoo, Origin etc.

We live in an age of incredible abundance of recordings going back to the dawn of sound recording, priced to fit almost any budget. As the CD format declines in availability, much will be available as downloads. Enjoy them while you can.

Best wishes, Thomas.

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Hi Thomas your friend is correct items that are not really big movers will be Created by CDr