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Posted By: Georgiansilver
17-Jul-13 - 10:06 AM
Thread Name: Blitherscrum Folk Festival 2013.
Subject: RE: Blitherscrum Folk Festival 2013.
There were a lot of happy and dsatisfied Festival goers at Blitherscrum this year... however:- Two children drowned whilst partaking in the trout tickling workshop.
Three men had heart attacks from over indulgence with the high cholestrol food eating challenge. One of the wives died of shock.
The marquee burnt down due to the 'Smoking' rule (ie everyone had to smoke in the marquee).
Several people had their rear ends bitten by the sewer rats which hid round the bends of the temporary toilets and only came out for a nibble.
Many people were injured whilst others were checking to see if the main hall really was only a stones throw away.
Such was the demand for bodhrans that several were stolen..(another theory was that they were destroyed when the marquee burnt down..but how they got there from the other side of the river in time for the fire is anyones guess)
Two people are still suffering from epizootic lymphangitis after stroking the cows which were wandering in the indoor camping site.
Five others also have the disease after bathing in the cows milk.
There were other things which marred last years festival but I can't remember them all can I?