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Posted By: JohnInKansas
21-Jul-13 - 10:04 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Problem with Adobe Flash player 11
Subject: RE: Tech: Problem with Adobe Flash player 11
You can have your mudcat cookie on as many computers as you want, and separate ones for as many users as you have on any one computer, all at the same time, so far as I've seen. I've had my cookie on three computers at a time, and hers on two of them at the same time, and all worked just fine.

One of the annoying features of Adobe updates recently is that you get a popup that says an update is available, but often it doesn't even say it's from Adobe until you click for "details." Even then, it may say Adobe but doesn't tell you whether its for the Reader or for Flash.

I'd be perfectly happy to be rid of both of them, but some sites won't let you download a PDF unless you have the "real Adobe Reader" installed. (Although some that say you must have the Adobe reader aren't smart enough to notice that you read their junk in one that works instead.)