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24-Jul-13 - 01:32 PM
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Little Hawk--

Many thanks for that toe-curling review! Much appreciated.


"Beyond the Cascade" is a simply marvellous book, a great adventure story, and a philosophical-spiritual journey that gives the reader a great deal to think about. Suzannah is a totally believable character, a woman of great strength and determination, an original thinker who is ever intent on extending her horizons and not afraid to take on great risks in doing so. Every location in the story from New York City to the interior of Africa is depicted in beautiful clarity, and every character, major or minor, is interesting, colorful, and convincing. You grow to love some of the people in this tale, and that's what keeps you reading above all else. Who will enjoy "Beyond the Cascade"? Anyone who likes a cracking good adventure tale, anyone who sees life as a spiritual journey, anyone who yearns to go beyond mere surface appearances and find a greater Truth...with a capital "T". This is one of the best books I've read in a long time. How do I sum it up? By saying: I wish I'd written it. - George Coventry