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Posted By: matt milton
25-Jul-13 - 05:09 PM
Thread Name: News story on Bob Brozman allegations
Subject: RE: News story on Bob Brozman allegations
"Every time he appeared, the forum discussions and allegations about him kept popping into my head... quite distracting, I have to say."

Well this is the thing ... the fact is it is impossible to, as someone else suggested, "separate music from the man".

Eric Gill was a great artist and typographer, but the fact is, realistically, his art will ultimately be forgotten because (rightly) no curator would ever want to stage a retrospective of his, on account of the fact he was a paedophile. That's not something to bemoan – it's how things ought to be. A civilised society understands that some crimes are just beyond the pale, and that that's more important than whether someone was a good artist or musician or whatever.

Of course, that is very unfair on the posthumous reputation of someone if the allegations were completely false. But unfortunately we'll most likely never really know the truth about Brozman. So rightly or wrongly, his music will ultimately become more and more obscure.Whether you regard that as unfair or not depends entirely on how much you credit the allegations.