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Posted By: Uncle_DaveO
26-Jul-13 - 05:12 PM
Thread Name: News story on Bob Brozman allegations
Subject: RE: News story on Bob Brozman allegations
According to GUEST,Stevesgy,

The real story resides in the memory of the participants and in a grand jury report.

Has there, then, been a grand jury investigation? I didn't see that referred to in this thread, nor in the "news" article in the first or second post.

If there has been a grand jury investigation, I'll just point out that a grand jury report (which by its nature cannot be revealed) does not give "the real story". A grand jury does not, and is not intended or allowed, to give out "the real story". At most, it can only give the prosecutor the right to bring his accusations (if any) before a criminal court. It's a petit jury (a trial jury) that can make a finding of "the real story" that means anything.

What's more, even a trial jury's verdict of "guilty" or "not guilty" after trial does not necessarily give "the real story", even though it has legal status.   

And of course, Brozman being dead, there can be no criminal trial against him and no verdict.

Dave Oesterreich