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Posted By: Jim Dixon
26-Jul-13 - 06:40 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Cornmeal Waltz - Guy Clark
Subject: Lyr Add: CORNMEAL WALTZ (Guy Clark)
Here ya go: my transcription from Spotify, as fresh as wet paint:

As sung by Guy Clark on "My Favorite Picture of You" (2013)

1. There's nothin' like cornmeal on a dance-hall floor for dancin' the night away,
Slippin' and slidin', effortlessly glidin' in the arms of my sweet Lillie Mae,
So I shined up my boots and ironed my shirt, and pulled on some new blue jeans.
Oh, I brushed off my hat, slicked back my hair; I'll beat all that she's ever seen.

CHORUS: There's nothin' like list'nin' to the fiddles play
While doin' the cornmeal waltz.
There's nothin' to keep you from driftin' away,
Doin' the cornmeal waltz.

2. Way out on Ranch Road Seventeen there's a dance hall in the live-oak trees,
Yellow lights strung up all around so all the little kids can see.
Pickups are parked near to the road; the beer is so cold it might freeze.
Stars are all out, the band's in tune, and it smells like a barbecue breeze.

3. Beat-up old Stetsons, beehive hair, belt buckles bumpin' in time.
There's little girls dancin' on their daddies' toes, spinnin' around on a dime.
Grandma and Grandpa are out on the floor, dancin' like they've lost their minds.
There's old maids and bachelors and sweethearts alike, all movin' in three-quarter time.