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Posted By: Steve Shaw
27-Jul-13 - 05:24 PM
Thread Name: BS: Reflections on Religion and Atheism
Subject: RE: BS: Reflections on Religion and Atheism
You have delusions too, but quite different ones, I'm sure.

"You're sure", eh, you pompous ass? Well, if you knew me well enough, which you don't, you may well be qualified to comment on whatever delusions you detect. Otherwise, you seriously need to cut out the pontificating and pseudo-psychoanalysis, and stick to what you see here on this board. Please apprise me and the rest of the board of any delusions you have detected from my posts. As for you, I confine myself to regarding you as deluded only in those matters which you, usually unwisely, choose to go large about. Evolution for one, a subject on which you bravely, recklessly and publicly rattle on about but about which you know precisely nothing. What you do know plenty about is how to bullshit us all on this forum.