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28-Jul-13 - 01:19 AM
Thread Name: Girl Scout songs - from the fading ditto sheets...
Subject: RE: Girl Scout songs - from the fading ditto sheets...
The highlight of my Souting career was the Senior Girl Scout Roundup in Idaho in 1965. But I was from the S.F. Bay Area Girl Scout Council. I went to camp every single Summer in the Sierras. We sang on the bus all the way to camp, sang all day & night at camp, and sang on the bus all the way home. I never wrote songs down. But I can be standing in the shower -- and suddenly burst out with "I love the flowers. I love the daffodils. I love the mountains. I love the rolling hills. I love to laugh and love to sing for all these beautiful things. Something like: do be watta, do be watta, do be watta, do be watta. ... Sing it all again.

It was better then. We could sing Hava Nagila. We could sing "oh you can!t get to Heaven on roller skates, 'cause you'll roll right by those pearly gates." We could sing "Ching Chang goo"... and Heaven help us if we sang that now. Political correctness has put a damper on singing anything & everything.

   My brother is around the country. Suddenly "A gypsy's life is free & gay O Faria popped into my head. But I couldn't remember all the words. I tried the Internet expecting nothing. But here it is!!! Bravo, ladies. I remember almost every song you have written here. A girl named Kathy wrote down all our songs -- and wrote a great one called "High Sierra". Maybe I could remember her last name. Also, ladies from S.F Bay Council recorded songs on tapes. You have launched me into preparation for a Roundup reunion in 2015 -- 50 years! OMG.

Donna Marie LONG   Love ya.