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Posted By: GUEST,Musket head shaking
28-Jul-13 - 05:17 AM
Thread Name: BS: Reflections on Religion and Atheism
Subject: RE: BS: Reflections on Religion and Atheism
Isn't it amazing. I engage with these debates on being a member of a religion or not, laughing at absurdity, marvelling at the power of persuasion and slowly become more aggressive in my disdain of those who wish to control others.

Then this happens.

My responsible adult is away this weekend, leaving me to a) go to Cambridge Folk Festival yesterday, bloody good. Especially Martin Simpson, and b) do domestic chores today.

So.. I washed the sheets and put them on the line. To be honest, although we have a washing line we never use it as the utility room has hanging racks but as the builders are in, I used the line.

Ten mins ago, a lady whose property is a wheat field and a horse paddock distant from my land, (must have used binoculars) walked round, with a bible in her hand and, not nicely but forcefully and with zeal, ordered me to observe the sabbath and take my washing in. Of all the things I could have said in repy, I just smiled, shook my head and slammed the door.

Never rains but it bloody pours...

Steve - you do have a delusion you know. It is on the western end of the county, just north of a city centre.....