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Posted By: Claire M
30-Jul-13 - 01:51 PM
Thread Name: Steeleye: no official stuff, why ??
Subject: Steeleye: no official stuff, why ??

Was looking for merchandise for a rock-loving friend. He suggested looking for stuff for that "weird band you like" (who he doesn't). So Iooking on E Bay. I found [b]loads[/b] for him, but what came up for Steeleye ??

NOTHING. Nothing, apart from cds (which I already have) & mug which bidding has sadly ended on. No t-shirts, no books, no jewellery etc. I was an Iron Maiden FC member for years (still love them which is likely to cause problems should the 2 bands ever play on the same night, just couldn't justify cost for membership anymore) & they have/have had all that.

I'm sure Steeleye had t-shirts at one point, but they seem to have died out. I regret not picking up one of those hoodies now, but I was so shaky I couldn't think straight. I've got a bag that someone who I consider to be an adoptive grandma made – it's blue w/ a leafy S in shining silver thread, & I love it to pieces.

I'd love something to show my appreciation for the band, leading to me being renamed Spanner   occasionally, & a lot of comments I don't want to write down (just banter)   but SS don't even seem to have a proper logo – what I've seen looks too much like other stuff.

Thinking about making something myself – any ideas ??