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Posted By: pict
10-Dec-00 - 08:50 PM
Thread Name: Capo - what are the rules?
Subject: RE: Capo - what are the rules?
Terry K in music the EAR rules if it sounds good to you it is good.Capos are particularly useful for open tunings which are used a lot in folk music I just use the Dunlop cheapo black webbed strap type ones mainly because even good ones wear out the rubber part that holds down the strings and the straps on dunlop capos don't get in the way of my hand unlike these bulky metal mechanism capos.Capos are just another useful tool for getting a different sound as well as making life a bit easier.There is a guy making a thing called the 3rd hand capo which can be adjusted to hold down all or individual strings but it isn't particularly useful if you use it in standard tuning to create a pseudo tuning as soon as you play a barre chord then the guitar immediately reverts to standard tuning.Capos are liberating in some situations and limiting in others.