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Posted By: GloriaJ
09-Aug-13 - 06:35 PM
Thread Name: 2013 Obit: Dave Bulmer (Age 62)
Subject: RE: Obit: The LATE Dave Bulmer (August 2013)
I will be there,I hope.I knew the details of the funeral but I wasnt sure about revealing them here - anyway, Jim has done that,and yes, the time and venue are correct.I knew Dave very well for a number of years - was in a band with him - although we had not been in contact for a long time. It was a complex relationship,let's say, but I'm sorry I wasnt able to get to see him more recently.No doubt his business approach was sometimes questionable(and he tripped me up a few times) and he could be abrupt and abrasive, and wasnt inclined to flattery. As some of us know, a touring band develops some strange dynamics - closer than a family in some ways, and even more ruthless. Dave's domineering personality frequently led to him being a bit of an outsider but he was probably too robust a character to bother about whether people liked him or not - even in his own band! He often got my back up - maybe because he didnt stoop to flatter my ego, and I often felt we were in conflict. However, I did find out,on more than one occasion, that in my absence, he stood up for me - to the extent of once rolling around swapping fisticuffs on a German pavement.He never told me this - someone else did. He recorded a couple of my albums years ago (never paid me any royalties of course) and tied me down in a contract I soon came to regret.But that's all in the past now, and is of no consequence.We also had some good rumbustuous times.
I hope his wife Ruth, a very nice lady, doesnt have to cope with any abusiveness.I'll miss him anyway, and plenty of others will too.I've been told the funeral is to be a musical celebration.