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Posted By: GUEST,Stim
19-Aug-13 - 03:38 PM
Thread Name: Help: Little Boxes (Malvina Reynolds) ticky-tacky?
Subject: RE: Help: Little Boxes (Malvina Reynolds) ticky-tacky?
"Little Boxes" was social satire--not to be taken anymore literally than Monty Python or Luis Buñuel or "A Modest Proposal". As to being dated, Grishka, you're wrong--as evidenced by the fact that it is the theme song of a very popular television program.

Underneath the somewhat annoying melody and childishly repetitive lyrics is a profound message, which is that when you try to create a society that gives the greatest good to the greatest number, everyone is going to wind up getting pretty much the same thing.

One day, not so long ago, I took a walk down my street and stopped to chat with my neighbor whose house had the garage on the right instead of the left, with blue minivan instead of a tan one, parked next to a blue sedan, not a grey one right in front. He was wearing tan cargo shorts from target and a black polo shirt. I had the black shorts with a white polo shirt. We chatted about our kids school, and summer camp...Any of this sound familiar?