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Posted By: Little Hawk
20-Aug-13 - 11:28 AM
Thread Name: Best Apollonio 12 ever? (Aug 2013)
Subject: RE: Best Apollonio 12 ever? (Aug 2013)
We all have our own unique taste when it comes to what we think an instrument should look like. And it does play a part in whether or not most of us will buy one...though sound and playability come first.

I try to find instruments that look good, sound great, and are comfortable to play....all of those things.

If Guest Mark doesn't like the aesthetic appearance of that 12-string...(shrug)...well, that's his business. We don't need to rush to the barricades and burn him as a heretic just for saying so, regardless of how much we appreciate the great qualities of Nick's instruments. He (Guest) hasn't committed a crime. He has just stated his own taste regarding guitar design and appearance. No big deal.

I like the classic appearance of Martins and Collings guitars, for example, better than I like the look of the Apollonio guitars. I like the appearance of some Taylors better (depending which model)....but this is not to say that I think they are better instruments than the Apollonio guitars. It's just to indicate what style of guitar body and decorations I like, and nothing more than that.

I wish Nick lived closer to my own area so that I had more chance to hear and play some of the guitars he's built.