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Posted By: Leadfingers
20-Aug-13 - 05:54 PM
Thread Name: Chord Req: Danny Deever (Kipling/Bellamy)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Danny Deever (Kipling/Bellamy)
Chords in C (Just the way I do it)

(Rudyard Kipling)
C                   G C               F    Dm   Am
"WHAT are the bugles blowin' for?" said Files-on-Parade.
    C                G   C             F                            To turn you out, to turn you out", the Colour-Sergeant said.
       C                F                      C    Dm   Am
"What makes you look so white, so white?" said Files-on-Parade.
      C                  F                  C      G       C   
"I'm dreadin' what I've got to watch", the Colour-Sergeant said.
                           G C            F
For they're hangin' Danny Deever, you can hear the Dead March play,
    C             G C                  F
The regiment's in 'ollow square-they're hangin' him to-day;
         C            F             C         Dm    Am
They've taken of his buttons off an' cut his stripes away,
             C             F             G C   
An' they're hangin' Danny Deever in the mornin'.