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Posted By: Amos
22-Aug-13 - 12:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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I share all of Gnuzer's delight--it was a rich and varied treasure to sit by and listen to his grand tales, peppered with a few hard-earned Newfie expressions like "mark THAT, me son!" and "Oh, lord Jaysus Christ!". He's much better in all ways than he gives himself credit for--it's that Canadian politesse. Gabe and I had a long talk on the way up into Nova Scotia about what a fine lad is Mister Gnu. And he has a fine baritone voice, as well, a pleasure to hear him sing and 'hran it up a bit.

Just now we are tied up in the yacht basin at Charlottwetown, Prince Edward island, Canada, waiting out a bit of a snotty blow from the nor;west. We ran down here from the interesting tiny thing called Pequot Island which has a very small harbor and a lot of dirt roads with red-haired rabbits loping hither and yon among them. The run down to PEI was languid--we had a few hours wind, and then had to motor for a few hours. But over the night it turned very choppy and we are tyoo lazy to face forty-knot winds if we don't have to.

We had come up to Pequot Island from Ballantyne's Cove on the side of Cape George which is near where Gabe's summer cabin is. It's a small cabin built high on a bluff looking out over the Northumberland Strait (between Nova Scotia and Prince Edward). High enough so you can see eagles cruising down toward the water. But no 110V electircity or plumbing to speak of. The run down from Cape George was a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but the 24-foot Flicka is a very seaworthy boat and cousin Gabe is a master mariner, so we rode down with no worries. (Note--he's my cousin, not my bruvver, althoough I love him like a bruvver).

I don't know when I will next get an internet connection but I will send Mom a postcard and tell you more when i can.

First Vowel At Sea