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Posted By: Mountain Dog
21-Aug-98 - 11:50 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Cakewalk into Town (Taj Mahal)
Subject: Lyr Add: CAKEWALK INTO TOWN (Taj Mahal)
Here's one of my favorite tunes from one of my all-time favorite master musicians:

Written and Performed by Taj Mahal

CHORUS: (Open with it and sing after each verse)
I had the blues so bad one time
It put my face in a permanent frown
But now I'm feelin so much better
I could cakewalk into town.

1. Oh, my baby, yeah, my baby
You know I-I love the way she walk
And when the girl get sleepy-eyed
I love the way she baby-talk

2. Well, I got up this mornin
I felt so good I lay back down again
Throw your big leg over me, mama
I might not feel this good again

3. I wanna go on a picnic in the country
Mama, ooooh, I wanna stay all day
I don't care if I don't do nothin,
Jus' while my time away.

4. Oh, work, you know it done got scarce
And, mama, work well it done got hard
I spend my whole day stealing chickens
Baby, from the rich folks' yard.