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Posted By: Jo King
11-Dec-00 - 10:30 PM
Thread Name: Capo - what are the rules?
Subject: RE: Capo - what are the rules?
I was wondering when Mooh would jump in. I have seen, first hand,(or is that third hand) his collection of partially amputated capos. If Stephan King saw them I'm sure he would be moved to write a gory thriller.... perhaps entitled "Death By Capo"

I know a group that used to,jokingly, refer to their keys as "the key of three", or whatever number corresponded with capo location. While this is meant as a joke, it also underscores the simplicity of the capo process. Breaking it all down, with respect to music theory, may be a worthwhile process, but don't lose sight of the simplicity. I think this is the capos greatest asset.

Take care. JK