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Posted By: gnu
30-Aug-13 - 10:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Ahhhh... I feel like my old self again, I think.

Another snippet. Amos and Gabe were here recently. Prior to that, Beer was here... wonderful stories from that eve abound. That was in 2008. Prior to that was two years earlier when the Newfie invasion took place.

I alluded to neglected housework... actually, I complained loudly... herein regarding preparing this dump for the arrival of Amos and Gabe. Whilst explaining a wee bit of that to A and G, I related that in preparing the downstairs accomodation (recall the timeline) I found a baggie with some sort of tea in it and that the last persons that drank tea that stayed downstairs were them there Newfs. So, this bag of tea is circa 2006. Not a funny story now but it kinda was when I related it the eve of A and G's visit. I have dubbed it carpet tea on accounta that is what it smells like. I told them I chucked it. But, would a truly inquisitive mind not want to know if the potency of tea diminishes over some seven years laying on a basement floor?

I have just heard back from the lab... the lad I gave it to. He says it tastes like fuckin soap and he didn't even catch a buzz. So, keep yer weed in the freezer and cycle it often. If ya leave it on a basement floor for 7 years, it's well past the Best Before Date.

I found this fascinating.