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Posted By: Amos
11-Sep-13 - 04:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Hi, Mom:

I am comfortably nestled in a neighborhood coffeeshop in the leafy boulevards of Bethesda, Maryland, the redolent center of much history and much dross. The streets are a shadow-fight between the echoes of important Past spirits and mediocre present ones, and the rattle and stench of their never-ending conflict haunts the corners where the old elms shadow young scholars intent on the procurement of penny sweets and iPhone apps.

Ne'ertheless, the whispers of Past Magnitude continue to echo among the old corners, the brick homes, the old colonial remnants of a sturdier and more devout time. The Pizza places and sandwich shops can whimper and shout their wares as they please; the old Whisperers will not be silenced or turned aside. The palimpsest of modernity cracks and reveals the etchings left by the authors of the Federalist, of the slave holders and the fomentors of Rebellion, still gripped in their bloody issues of Timeless Importance. I expect these streets will continue in this wise for the next century, while layer upon layer of New Stuff gets plastered over the slower incantations of Once Great Minds. Sic semper vanitas.

It has been a most intereasting trip down the ridges and bays of the East to the spreading hotbed of political noise and greed which has spread out like a blowfly's nest from the heart of our dying democracy in Washington.

Being footloose, and fancy-relatively free, I have a sort of removed perspective on the timeline that is unfolding in every corner and building and park around me--indeed in every automobile and every cellphone in all the busy hands of walkers. It makes for an interesting view of the unfolding time across which my travels are taking me.

I have a beloved niece who lives nearby, raising two great-nephews (I can't believe I actually said that!) and I will be visiting with her as soon as she gets home from her faculty meeting. I look forward to the delight of her company.

Soon I shall drive across North Carolina to impose my material burden on old Beaubear and we will explore some blues together. Until then, it is all love songs.