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Posted By: Rapparee
14-Sep-13 - 10:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Well, Mom, Cowboy Shooting today was interesting.

First, we stood on a raft (atop old bedsprings, not the River of No Return) and shot five targets with a revolver, then four targets with a shotgun, then two targets five time each with a rifle, and then five targets with a revolver. The "raft" on the bedsprings gave a wobbly footing so that was interesting. Oh, we were supposed to be protecting the "gold bullion bar" we'd panned and dug out of the hills from robbers.

Then there was the second scenario, which (ahem!) I created. Shoot a "V" of five targets with a shotgun, farthest first, then the two closest, and then the two remaining. Shoot five targets two times each with a rifle. HOWEVER! the last of bandits, with his dying breath, supposedly shoots off the tips of your "strong hand" thumb and index finger, so you have to shoot five targets two times each using your "weak" hand (that is, your left hand if you're right handed and vice-versa).

Then we took a break for lunch and shot the raft thing again. I was doing okay, hadn't missed any targets, when I got to the last five revolver shots. Without thinking about it I shot them left handed, missing the only two targets in my shooting that time. As I went to the unloading bench the Range Officer there said to me, "Showing off, are we?"

We were also visited by the World's Champion Cowboy Fast Draw. At the signal, draw your revolver, shoot one shot accurately, and reholster. SHE can do it in .513 seconds. She demonstrated for us. Let me note, Mom, that she shoots wax bullets with little or no powder (a primer only). Nobody wants anybody to get hurt doing this stuff and safety is Number Uno Paramount Ne Plus Ultra. You can't even touch a gun to unload it after firing when the command "The Range is closed!" is made. And anybody can holler "STOP!" if they see something unsafe.

Anyway Mom, that's what I did this morning and afternoon. And I'm not trying to be the best -- just better than anyone else on the range.