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12-Dec-00 - 04:31 PM
Thread Name: Mummers Songs
Subject: RE: Mummers Songs
Over 100 Mummers' play texts, some with songs can be found at the Traditional Drama Research Group website:

The following song comes from a Sheffield chapbook version - on page:

Come all you jolly Mummers,
That Mum at Christmas time;
Come join with me in chorus,
And join with me in rhyme
A mumming we will go, will go, &c.
It is of St. George's valour,
So let us sing;
He's an honour to his country,
And a credit to his king.
Of Giants and of Dragons,
He was always sure to slay;
Likewise of Boars and Lions,
He always won the day.
Then bold Slasher he stood up,
St. George for to attack,
But he made him sing and yelp,
And cry out, "O my back."
He fought a fiery Dragon,
And brought him to the slaughter;
And by those means he won
The King of Egypt's daughter.
St. George with Prince of Paradine,
Did fight a furious battle;
And on the black and Moorish dog,
He made his sword to rattle.
Old King of Egypt he came by,
For to seek his only son;
St. George did plainly tell him,
He was slain upon the ground.
Then he called for Hector,
To come and use his sword;
And to do the best he could,
To stab and kill St. George.
A furious battle then they fought,
For full two hours and more;
St. George he gave him such a stab,
As made him yield and roar.
Now we have performed St. George,
Who was a fighting fish;
We hope you will remember us,
And then we all will wish.
A merry Christmas to all here,
And a glorious happy New Year.
{Exeunt omnes.}

A full version of the chorus is given in:

And a mumming we will go, will go,
And a mumming we will go,
With a bright cockade in all our hats,
We'll go with a gallant show.

The tunes are not give, but I have heard this sung to the tune of "The Nutting Girl" or "A nutting we will go".

The following song is a composite from the final songs of East Midlands plough plays, sung to a tune which a variant of "God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen":

Good master and good mistress
As you sit by your fire
Remember us poor ploughboys
Who plough through mud and mire
The mire it is so very deep
We travel far and near
We thank you for a Christmas box
And a mug of your best beer.

We're not the London actors
That acts in London's court
we are the country plougboys
Just come from plough and cart
We're not the London actors
We told you so before
We've done the best we can
So the best can do no more

Good master and good mistress
You see our fool is gone
We make it in our business
To follow him along
We thank you for civility
And what you've given us here
We wish you all good night
And another happy year

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