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Posted By: GUEST,Fred McCormick
18-Sep-13 - 07:12 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Row Dow Dow / Shooting Goshen's Cocks Up
Subject: RE: Req: poaching song from these few words?-RowDowDow
I've sent this message once already. Buggar me if it didn't land. Let's try again.

It's usually called Shooting Goshen's Cocks Up, or some similar title, and you can find it on the following releases:

Musical Traditions. MTCD 320. Here's Luck to a Man: Gypsy Songs & Music from South East England. Shooting Spark's Cocks Up. Jasper Smith.

Topic. 12T 286 LP. Ye Subjects of England. SHOOTING GOSHEN'S COCKS UP. George Maynard.

Topic. TSCD. 672D. Voice of the People_I'm A Romany Rai_Songs by Southern English Gypsy Traditional Singers. The Bold Poachers Wally Fuller         

Musical Traditions. MTCD401-2. Down the Cherry Tree. Shooting Goshen's Cocks Up. George Maynard.

There's doubtless others. EG I'd be surprised if Dan Quinn hasn't recorded it at some time. But that's what I've got for now.