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12-Dec-00 - 06:03 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Claudy Banks/Where are the Claudy Banks?
Subject: Lyr Add: CLAUDY BANKS (from Fred Jordan)^^
i got this version of Claudy Banks from the great Fred Jordan. The Coppers also sang a similar verion. The Young Tradition were porbably restricted by time and space when they recorded the shortened version, which is in the DT.

Twas on one summers evening all in the month of May.
Down by a flowery garden I pensively did stray,
I overheard a fair maid in sorrow to complain,
All for her absent lover who ploughed the raging maine.

I stepped up to this fair maid, I took her by surprise,
I own she did not know me I being all in disguise,
I said, "My charming creature, my joy and my delight,
How far have you to travel this dark and rainy night."

"It's to the banks of Claudy, kind sir, I'd have you show,
Take pity on a poor maid who knows not where to go,
I'm looking for a young man, Johnnie is his name,
And it's on the banks of Claudy I'm told he does remain."

"These are the banks of Claudy," I said, "Whereon you stand,
But do not trust your Johnnie for he's a false young man,
Oh do not trust your Johnnie for you'll not find him here,
But tarry with me in yon green wood no danger need you fear."

"If my Johnnie he was here this night he'd keep me from all harm,
But he's in the field of battle and he wears a uniform.
He's in the field of battle and his foes he will destroy,
Just like the king of honour all on the walls of Troy."

" 'Tis six long months or better since Johnnie left this shore,
A-cruising the wild ocean where the foaming billows roar,
A-cruising the wild ocean for honour and for gain,
But I'm told his ship was wrecked nigh to the coast of Spain."

Well when she heard this dreadful news she fell in deep despair,
a-wringing of her hands and a-tearing of her hair.
"If my Johnnie he is drownd-ed no man on earth I'll take,
But I'll wander through some valley so lonesome for his sake."

Well when Johnnie he heard her say so he could no longer stand,
He fell into her arms crying, "Betsy I'm that man,
I am that faithful young man and whom you thought was slain,
And since we've met on the Claudy's banks we'll never part again.