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Posted By: GUEST
23-Sep-13 - 07:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why I am gone
Subject: RE: BS: Why I am gone
TIA, nobody CARES that you are gone, I've been gone for years and nobody even noticed, let alone cared. It's all about the Inner Circle....Max, Mods and Maine-iacs. Trolls are incidental.

Since the minimal moderation favours the trolls, they do get to win more often than not.

Even some of the Old Stalwarts (Spaw, Big Mick, Joe Offer ect) are Seldom Seen, and god forbid MAX should actually check his own site often. After all, he seems to have 'mental problems'.....or whatever.
Oh yes, of course he has a Day Job (don't most of us?) and Other Real Life Problems (don't most of us?) but just WHEN has he really been any sort of Regular around the Cat? Date please....

I gave up caring much a long time ago, but I still check in for some kicks, giggles and laffs. Miz Lizzie and SRS are usually good for a few of those. That is a No Win Game, but they both seem to enjoy it.

Most everyone except herself knows that MLC 'needs help' but she is never going to get it....and has more or less asked to be 'banned'. That won't happen, it would simply Justify her Position....yea, a laff a minute.

I'll keep checking in to see if MC has actually become better or its' old self, but I doubt that.

Ta ta!