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Posted By: gnu
23-Sep-13 - 08:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
He'd NEVER buy a bike. Unless he could get a bullet proof case for that lovely geetar. I approached it and looked at it closely, from a short distance, and then asked if i could touch it. One should never touch another man's instrument without permission. He said, "Sure. Play it if ya want to." I said, "Oh! I wish I could still do that." I checked the action from first fret to last on the biggest and littlest strings by gently poking them every few frets without taking the geetar from it's recline against my living room curtain. Perfection. I looked at A and said, "Nice, man." He replied, "I like it." I smiled, knowing that he would soon again make that action react. He did. Magical evening it was.

I have often thought that I wish I had somehow "videotaped" every kitchen session I ever had whether they me eves of music or just banter so that I could share them with all and sundry. If I had, A and G's visit would be among the top favs. A lot of laughs, good tunes and enlightening conversation. Maybe I shoud try to keep this dump cleaned up so I could accept more visitors... even ladies of the female persuasion. Hmmm... that would require a LOT more housework. I mean, Gabe went barefoot where a lady would not dare to tread!