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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
24-Sep-13 - 10:48 AM
Thread Name: BS: Why I am gone
Subject: RE: BS: Why I am gone
I did one of these - I am gone forever things - after a tata with Dave Hanson and Diane easby.

The thing is. Mudcat is unique. Its for us. The deaths of our friends are notified here. The latest bits and pieces on the scene are alluded to. If you're in a lather about someone - like I am with blind Lemon Jefferson at the moment - theres always someone to help out....

I can't see anything ever being as good as Mudcat. It can be hurtful and offensive. people say things out loud that they would whisper in real life. I guess some people have a fantasy about folk music which reality can't fulfil - so they balls on about it, like Mussolini addressing his adoring fans. Its an easy trap to fall into.

We're all entitled to say and think malevolent and subversive thoughts to our mates. But if you told Mussolini to be less extreme when he was in full flow - the results would always be predictable.