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27-Sep-13 - 09:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why I am gone
Subject: RE: BS: Why I am gone
Ake, Let suppose, for arguments sake, that you could persuade those in power that your belief in a crisis is considerable enough to act (noting that you haven't done a very good job persuading folks here), and, that human rights issues could be ignored. Lets also imagine that you could get the health-medical community's support that mandatory intervention would make a difference, and you could get the support and cooperation of the gay community.

So, how exactly do you propose to identify the millions of gay people scatterd in every nook and cranny to enact mandatory testing on? They aren't easy to identify (they aren't black, red or purple), and they look and act mostly like you and me. I don't suspect there is a registry for the authorities to draw on to "round 'em up and bring 'em to testing" I suspect many may likely protest being tested under such human rights violations. Ignoring that, let's say you had a route to separate the gays from the straight, and had a good list - what would you do to ensure they are tested, and what would be the recourse if many, or most said "fuck off, Ake, I am not doing it"? And, what would you do with those who were tested positive, to limit the future spread? Isolating them in "homo camps" is hardly an option in today's societies (BTW, that term came from an old issue of National Lampoon magazine).

Surely you can see what you propose (while possibly well meaning) is not reasonable, nor workable.

Some people have suggested alternatives, if the issue is proven to be as serious and as focused as you claim. I am puzzled that you refuse to allow that focusing on what would work better, while not perfect, is much more reasonable and workable than what you broadly propose. What some suggested is addressing formally that a problem exists, increase education, increase awareness on how to avoid the spread, increase voluntary testing,encourage safe sex, increase research, and broaden the education and awareness to the entire community.