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Posted By: akenaton
28-Sep-13 - 10:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: Why I am gone
Subject: RE: BS: Why I am gone
I have given my views on how hiv infection amongst male homosexuals may be reduced, I have heard nothing from the "warriors" about any ideas they might have to lower MSM infection rates.

Discrimination and stigma are now almost non existent, money has been poured into the MSM demographic to fund education and promote condom use, but the rates of infection rise steadily every year.
The agencies are "hog tied" by the "equality agenda" and the people who suffer are of course homosexuals themselves.
We live in a mad world, and it's getting madder by the day.
If the current rates of infection amongst MSM, applied to heterosexuals compulsory testing and contact tracing would be brought in immediately and anyone refusing to test would be incarcerated to protect the rest of society. Human rights take second place when an epidemic of infectious disease is to be fought.

Ian, I don't like using the word "liar" on this forum and perhaps you made a genuine mistake, but Don asked me "if Hiv/Aids did not exist, would I still be opposed to "gay marriage"......I said that as far as "gay marriage" was concerned there were "other issues" to be considered and I would still be opposed.
This is totally different to what you were trying to imply.
I have always said that there are several valid arguments concerning "gay marriage" legislation.

At the moment we are discussing sexual health rates.