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Posted By: Jim Carroll
29-Sep-13 - 10:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: Our cat died today
Subject: RE: BS: Our cat died today
They leave you with good memories, don't they?
We used to dog-sit a bachelor workmate's pooch until we got Tess and had to stop because they just didn't get on.
Both were great companions and we missed Russell's company (silly name - long story).
In an emergency we relented and took him for a week-end.
Both avoided each other studiously until Saturday night when a spectacular thunderstorm erupted outside.
I was sitting at the kitchen table; Tess landed on my shoulder from across the room and Russell on my knee - they squatted, shivering with fear, their noses literally inches apart, staring hostilely at each other.
Good days, if somewhat confusing sometimes