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29-Sep-13 - 02:23 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill (1888)
Subject: Lyr Add: DRILL, YE TARRIERS, DRILL (1888)
This thread is for the original song and variants. A version (Richard Dyer-Bennett) in the DT Lyrics is close to the 1888 sheet music,

Composer (?) and sung by Thomas Casey, 1888

Oh! ev'ry morn at seven o'clock,
There are twenty tarriers on the rock,
The boss comes along and says "be still
And put all your power in the *cast-steel drill."

Then drill, ye tarriers, drill,
Drill, ye tarriers, drill.
Oh! it's work all day without sugar in your tay
When ye work beyant the railway,
And drill, ye tarriers, drill.

The boss was a fine man all around
But he married a great, big, fat fardown,
She baked good bread and baked it well,
And baked it hard as the hobs of H--l.


The new foreman is Dan McCann,
I'll tell you sure he's a blame mean man,
Last week a premature blast went off
And a mile in the air went big Jim Goff.

When pay day it next came around,
Poor Jim's pay short he found,
"What for?" says he, then came the reply,
"You were docked for the time you were up in the sky."

*The drill must be hardened steel or it would shatter. "Cast iron" as in the DT song would not be usable.

Sheet music published by Frank Harding's Music Office, New York, 1888.

Taken from Norm Cohen, 1981, Long Steel Rail, pp. 553-559, University of Illinois Press.