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Posted By: GUEST,Ed T
30-Sep-13 - 06:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Why I am gone
Subject: RE: BS: Why I am gone
Sorry Ake, I really do not know who "Ian" is or what his perespective on this issue is. When you post in code, it tells me you are beginning to have too much invested in the game. What $I posted in my opinion, regardless if it is shared by others. A reasonable person, actually interested in discussion, versus "preaching" would respect it as such, and would hold back insults- in the interest of reasoned discourse.

How rude of you to claim that others, that you don't know hjave less concern for those infected by disease- just because they do not see your onbsession as workable. But, I will be a better person than you for not judging you beyond that- as you have judged others with scant information to base it on.

From your last post to me, it seems you are more interested in promoting your own "firm belief". And shooting down the opinions of others, rather than participating in a discussion where folks can learn from the views of others. Good luck in life and on this site with that approach.