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Posted By: Will Fly
01-Oct-13 - 04:15 AM
Thread Name: Traditional Music: Where are we going wrong?
Subject: RE: Traditional Music: Where are we going wrong?
traditional Irish music is heavily promoted by the tourist industry - and it can be heard in gift shops, extensively in pubs, particularly in Dublin and Galway, and on street corners

Then perhaps we're doing something right. The thought of all that sort of music - or any other sort of music, for that matter - constantly blasting out all round me down here in Sussex, makes me shudder. That's not music - it's muzak. Eventually it becomes cliché.

Contrary to what many still think, the fact that a certain genre of music is not constantly in the public ear is not an indicator of it's death. All types of music have their devotees who keep it alive and nurtured, even if it's away from the public much of the time. Take 1950s rock'n roll for example. Hardly ever in the public awareness (and the recent repeat of "Rock'n Roll Britannia" on BBC4 is pure coincidence!), but alive and jiving in clubs every weekend all over the country.

So, in my view, there's nothing to go wrong. The music just is, and will remain so regardless of fluctuating public fads and fancies.