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Posted By: Don(Wyziwyg)T
01-Oct-13 - 05:16 AM
Thread Name: BS: US Government shutdown
Subject: RE: BS: US Government shutdown
For those who still maintain that there is no difference between the parties, there is your answer.

Obama and the Democrats legaly and correctly try to give the benefit of affordable health care to at least some of the 47 million who previously had none.

The Republicans throw their toys out of the pram and hold America to ransom, threatening to destroy the country if the Health Care isn't postponed.

They are so determined that Obama will not succeed that they want, in addition to stopping any new initiatives, to destroy anything already achieved by him.

The lengths some people will go to, rather than allow an uppity N****r to run the country, even to the point of bankrupting the country in the process.

With the USA still struggling to recover from the worst recession since 1929 (which happened on the Republicans' watch), these clowns are prepared to shove it right back into recession.

Does anybody still think these mental defectives are fit to govern a waste disposal site, let alone a country?

I would suggest psychiatric evaluation for anyone who does.

Don T.