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Posted By: SINSULL
13-Dec-00 - 09:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: Extremely silly thing to do
Subject: RE: BS: Extremely silly thing to do
Don't mix up the contact lens cleaning solution with the wetting solution.
Don't stick your hand in the vacuum cleaner carpet attachment without turning it off - it ate my entire hand.
Don't mix up the hair spray and Lysol.
Always put the basket in the electric coffee maker - or else a spray of scalding water and disapproving glares from the office temp.
Don't try to reheat a cup of coffee by pouring it through the coffee maker - that temp hated me. The filter clogs and it takes twenty pots of clean water to clear it.
Don't drop a lemon candy into a can of diet soda to make it more palateable - it becomes a sticky volcano on your boss' desk.
My most recent embarrassing moment - my office chair is on wheels. I leaned over to pick up a dropped pencil. It shot out from under me and ran into the metal desk behind me with a loud clang. I fell forward into a metal trash can which overturned also with a clang spreading an assortment of debris everywhere. I was laughing too hard to get up and tears were running down my face leading all to believe I was injured. I give them credit - no one laughed until the following day. Then on the way home, I remembered the event and started to laugh out loud again - on the subway train. Amazing how easy it is to get a seat if people think you are crazy.