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Posted By: GUEST,Grishka
01-Oct-13 - 12:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: US Government shutdown
Subject: RE: BS: US Government shutdown
Greg, other democratic nations have uneducated voters as well, whose primitive instincts are being exploited by "populist" politicians. This is particularly easy when there are strong causes for frustration, therefore it is a good idea to reduce these causes: not only manifest poverty, but also a feeling of injustice, or fear of losing out in the future. In such a state of mind, people can easily act much more stupid than they are.

The second remedy is of course to improve general education.

But my suggestion is much more elementary than those ambitious goals. It is to change the constitution so that responsibility can be more clearly located. In particular, abolish all those preposterous and abusive features such as government shutdown, filibustering, etc. etc. Now is the best time for all US Americans to see that the system does not work, so that a reform has better chances than before. While you are at it, you may restructure the competences of Federal and State governments for more clarity.

A single Federal government that is exclusively in charge, as in Canada and most other countries, can be held responsible if things go wrong; there are fewer valid excuses. Voters will hopefully be less likely to reelect it, particularly if another party is at hand that sounds more convincing. With a truly responsible government, the difficult problems of education and avoiding frustration can be tackled with better chance of success.

It does not always work, but sometimes in some countries, not necessarily of higher levels of education and/or wealth etc. than the USA. If you wait until most voters are miraculously enlightened, you may wait forever.