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Posted By: Lighter
01-Oct-13 - 04:14 PM
Thread Name: Traditional Music: Where are we going wrong?
Subject: RE: Traditional Music: Where are we going wrong?
> I was raised in America. In school I was exposed to American folk music. ...We all thought it was hokey.

They played it for us too. But *we* all thought songs about cowboys, railroaders, sailors, steel-drivers, and pioneers were refreshingly real after hearing all the slick and repetitive pop songs about looooooove. Rock 'n' roll was just making its appearance, and Walt Disney's fair-dealin', square-shootin', idealistic Davy Crockett (with Fess Parker and a catchy theme song) provided our media role model.

Of course, that was the mid '50s. Ten years later, by the time of the Beatles, the pop "folk scare" (which was barely "folk") was running out of steam, and younger people associated its sweet harmonies not with reality but with square, feel-good entertainment for over-the-hill parents.