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09-Oct-13 - 02:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: US Government shutdown
Subject: RE: BS: US Government shutdown
Charmion: "The sheer contempt so many Americans evidently feel for their own government."

Yes, besides it being a device, for gaining control, and hiding the source of it, things have been done by 'Our Government' that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the 'will of the people'....instead, we are being told as what we HAVE to accept, by BOTH parties, to accommodate the will of the financial moguls who are actually in control....and BTW, the U.K. is not only exempt from it, they are active participants!! The guys 'behind the scenes'(or curtain, if you like), have everybody mistakenly blaming the 'other party', when in fact, the exert control over BOTH of them!..It's only the daft, slow learners, who draw their attention from those party's participation, who are perpetuating the 'divisions' for their own personal aggrandizement!!
There's a few of them on here....but in reality, they are antiques!


In regards to my last post, about the Saudis and the pipeline, if Iran wasn't so pre-occupied with destroying Israel, they'd be breathing down the Saudi's back..who just so happen to 'own' a massive amount of our debt....till we blow them off.....diplomatically, of course, and let them twist in the fend for themselves...So they are damned if they do help us, with oil, and buying our notes, and damned if they don't capitulate to the Muslim uprisings....the rest of the 'debt' thing, is ONLY because of the Banksters, and paying them off the 'interest'... in regards to the 'debt' ceiling.
All this, by the way, is contrived bullshit....but it IS serving its purpose...but not for what a lot of you may think.....Ah, alas, bullshit political partisan talking wonder no one is paying much attention to the music, ain't saying anything!!!