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Posted By: hsempl
09-Oct-13 - 08:21 PM
Thread Name: After the Getaway -- 2013
Subject: RE: After the Getaway -- 2013
Lisa: I was wondering if you wrote that song! Amazing, stirringly beautiful song. Wow.
And as for the ballads: I know! It was crazy that I had intended to be in ballads all or most of the afternoon, just poking my nose in other workshops first, but I found it hard once I'd poked my nose in to leave, everything was so great. Then when I made it to the tail end of the ballad workshop that you led (where I got to hear Rose's lovely rendition of (let me get the name right this time) the Great [Grey] Selkie (of Suleskerry)), and had the amusing event (which must happen a lot) of singing a song that I had learned from the previous Getaway and the person I had learned it from (Edmund) was in the room! [Where am I in this sentence?]: Well, then I was so enjoying the ballads that I completely forgot to go to John Roberts' concert, which had been circled heavily on my schedule, and was having such a good time I didn't even realize I had missed it until Sunday!

One other correction (along the wildly inaccurate title line): "No such liberty" should be "To Althea From Prison"; Claire's singing of that just soared out over the concert room, my first time hearing that song.

Quick etiquette question, as I haven't posted on here much before: Is it annoying at all for me to keep adding corrections as I get them? Does doing so clog up anyone's email box or anything like that? Would it be better if I waited till I had a bunch and then replied to the thread? Or does it matter? OK, oh right, one more thing while i'm still midreply: I am bummed that I won't be able to be at Andrew and Carole's concert! I leave for Massachusetts tomorrow (well, by way of West Virginia) for a dream workshop and then a writer's retreat. October riches! I know it will be wonderful, and I'm sorry to miss it, though. I saw a concert at Janie's house recently (Lulu's Fate) and it's a cozy venue.