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Posted By: Eldergirl
10-Oct-13 - 07:50 AM
Thread Name: History - BBC's 'Singing Together'
Subject: RE: History - BBC's 'Singing Together'
Now, is that THE Rod Stewart, or some other rod Stewart..? From Lucern to Weggis on, hol diri di a, hol diri a... Can't recall second line. I've got several of the booklets in a box somewhere, 1957 I think, from my reluctant incarceration at Ide primary, just outside Exeter. Even learning the songs didn't make me contented with my lot. Talk about Billy No-mates... The songs were good tho. Migildi magildi, about a welsh blacksmith? Lieutenant Kije, tune by Prokofiev. Haul away Joe. Shady Grove, not the same as the one Hamish sings, but we know he's a Lone Arranger.. ;) oo, and Eileen aroon.