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10-Oct-13 - 12:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: US Government shutdown
Subject: RE: BS: US Government shutdown
There is one certainty, and GfS understands it, if we want to see social and economic change in the UK and the US, it can never be achieved by one section over another.
We must have unity against the corporates, and as there are few socialists left anywhere, we on the "left are going to have to compromise more than most.
We have to understand that nowadays we are a weak political minority, due to the unbelievably stupid social changes that we have legislated for, the illegal, immoral wars we have supported and our acceptance of the biggest robbery of all time, the financial crash.
We have been outflanked by the string pullers aided by the media, and have little credibility left.
There is no way that any of us are about to see a decent realistic society, but we should have the intelligence to make a start on bringing one about.

Divisiveness is the worst action. We must start to see that the ordinary folk are just that..."ordinary folk" who have absorbed a different sort of propaganda.

We all want to see a BETTER world.

The real enemy is FINANCE and its front line troops in the Media.