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12-Oct-13 - 11:19 AM
Thread Name: After the Getaway -- 2013
Subject: RE: After the Getaway -- 2013
She did, in fact, pout most adorably upon being told she had to leave Monday morning : ) One more weapon in her Most Powerful Woman arsenal.

I tried the pulling-the-covers-up-over-my-head-and-refusing-to-get-up ploy, with even less success.

A loud second to the thanks. All you FSGW folks who work so hard to make the programming and hospitality work, smoothing out the wrinkles and herding the cats, I am deeply grateful for your efforts. As much as mudcat and fsgw have overlapped over the years, I still feel like a pampered guest in your house at the Getaway, and try to behave just well enough to be permitted to come back : )

I did less singing and more listening and learning this year, and am committed this time in between to not 'putting the book away' until the mists of Brigadoon next part. Those songs swirling around in my head aren't going to sing themselves! Already this morning I found to my delight that the curmudgeonly tomato man at the farmer's market plays at a jam and dance deep out in the country, and has graciously invited me to the next.

Have just today had a few minutes to take out and polish the memories I tucked in my pockets on the way out the camp road. Here are some:

Anything at all that Lani Hermann did. Your humble and grateful servant, madam.

"Hear! Hear!" to Kendall back onstage, in ever-more interesting combinations. That's one of the especial delights of the concerts, the crazy mashups of lovely voices and instruments.

The campfire. Thank you all for making that magic, especially you, Phil Fox. What a delight of 'guilty pleasures'. Scraps of songs were lobbed across the flickering dark, sometimes a spark caught and anonymous voices passed it back and around with gusto. Sometimes it glowed a bit, then winked out. All fun. The best was the two ladies who did the camp song about swimming with lovely hand motions. Anyone remember?

Amos' rendition of "The Basque", especially the command performance AFTER the command performance.

Colin's (?) "Last Trip Home" at the concert... THAT to me is just exactly what a 'folk' song should be.

With Janie, I loved the "Angels Hovering" song... would love to learn that. I was looking around at the cherished ones on our buttons (Sandy Paton accompanied me all weekend) and thinking of the angels sitting among us, singing, at the Gospel workshop. Always a highlight for me!

The Parting Songs on the waterside... could it have been any lovelier? And each song better than the last.

I think it was the Chorus Songs workshop when a young woman (who?) with a lovely soft voice sang "Gum Tree Canoe", which I have since learned and sing unceasingly (and probably annoyingly, to housemates : )

The mummer's play is always a highlight, and it was an honor to take part, especially with the wonderfully spirited kids. LOVED the dragon-with-translator : ) Ernie/John Boehner, I hope I didn't hurt you in my enthusiasm. It's great fun to have a sword AND a horse!

SO many good things. Thank you all for being part of the indescribable magic of this reunion.