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16-Oct-13 - 03:51 PM
Thread Name: Songs about the Great War (WWI)
Subject: Lyr Add: ARE WE DOWN-HEARTED? NO—! (David/Wright)
From the sheet music, which can be seen at The National Library of Australia. Spotify also has a recording by Arthur Boyton, on 2 albums: "Oh! It's a Lovely War, Vol. 2" and "The Great War: 50 Original Historical Recordings..."

Words and music by Worton David and Lawrence Wright, ©1915.
"Sung by Miss Florrie Forde"

1. Mister Pat Malone upon the continong,*
Was fighting with the Irish fusiliers.
One night in the camp he rose to sing a song,
And all the Tommies greeted him with cheers.
Said Pat: "I'll sing a song about our gallant fighting men.
Although we've had a tussle with the Germans now and then,—

CHORUS: Are we down-hearted? NO!
Then let your voices ring
And all together sing.
Are we down-hearted? NO!
Not while Britannia rules the waves. (Not likely!)
While we have Jack upon the sea,
And Tommy on the land, we needn't fret.
It's a long, long way to Tipperary,
But we're not down-hearted yet!

2. With a Frenchy girl Pat toddled out one night,
And arm in arm they strolled, you may depend,
Till a dozen pals all sang out with delight:
"Hello! Hello there! Who's your lady friend?"
Said Patrick, "I don't know her name, but listen here old pal,
If this is what they give us with the Entente Cordiale,—CHORUS.

3. Before I leave the stage a word I'd like to say,
To ev'ry British son and daughter here.
Reverses we must have; we can't win all the way,
But while we've Jack and Tommy, never fear.
Don't listen to the rumours that Germans spread about.
When people try to scare you, do the same as me and shout:—CHORUS.

[* I assume this spelling is meant to mimic the French pronunciation of "continent."]