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16-Oct-13 - 07:04 PM
Thread Name: Songs about the Great War (WWI)
Subject: Lyr Add: ARE WE FAINTHEARTED? NO! (McCormick)
And another specifically Australian version, from the National Library of Australia:

"Respectfully dedicated to the sons of Australia"
Words and music by "Amicus" (P. D. McCormick)
Sydney: W. H. Paling & Co. Ltd., ©1916.

1. Britannia called her loyal sons from every clime and land,
And well they rallied to the flag and made a gallant stand.
Her offspring 'neath the Southern Cross soon heard the bugle call,
And joined the ranks, like sires of old, to conquer or to fall.

CHORUS: Are we fainthearted? No!
When called to face the foe,
We've placed our names on the scroll of fame
And marching on we'll go.

2. We read the deeds in hist'ry's page of Nelson, Blake and Clyde,
Of Drake and Cook and Wellington, whose names we hold with pride,
As scions of the daring race who fought on field and flood.
Their spirit lives, and in our veins still flows the dauntless blood.

3. Now let us keep the Empire Flag of Britain to the fore
And send our sons to man the ships and fill the ranks on shore.
They've met and fought the enemy without a thought of fear.
Their deeds of valour we admire and raise a royal cheer.